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Case Study

RSPCA Australia

The RSPCA is Australia’s most well-known and trusted community based charity who work to prevent animal cruelty.  Their digital presence at the time was not providing an engaging and consistent user experience nor making the most of their potential to raise funds through online donations.

Precedent took on the challenge to transform the RSPCA’s digital presence and has helped redefine its broad products and services and has since delivered multiple digital projects for the RSPCA.

Hens, sheep, cattle, pigs, politicians and puppies

RSPCA Australia approached Precedent after the success of the RSPCA Political Animal campaign in the UK (also designed and built by Precedent). This campaign site was used during the 2010 Australian general election to help build political momentum behind RSPCA’s key causes to secure animal welfare advocates for the future. The ultimate objective was and is to work towards stronger legislation regarding animal welfare in Australia.

We worked closely with the RSPCA to define and implement a digital strategy to pull together the federated structure and the many products and services and establish a future direction for the organisation.  The RSPCA is a large and complex organisation meaning any strategic change for their online presence required extensive engagement with key stakeholders all over the country.

We carried out a project to assess what each association was trying to achieve through their website to understand to what extent they were achieving their business objectives. In tandem to that, we also delivered several tactical campaigns, including the Political Animal website, Hens Deserve better campaign site and Smart Puppies Buyers Guide website. A cornerstone of the digital strategy has been in us implementing a new national website for the RSPCA. 

Informing and educating with interactive campaigns

The latest campaign, the Smart Puppy and Dog Buyer's Guide was designed to inform and educate those interested in adding a furry friend to their family. The campaign site utilises the personas we developed from previous digital strategy work and uses illustrations from our design team. Working closely with the RSPCA team ensured the campaign site had the right balance of engagement and information to support offline campaign activity.

Since October 2013 there have been:

  • 85k page visits
  • 65k unique page visits
  • 1k downloads of the PDF checklist
  • 6k likes on Facebook and 500 shares
  • Increased engagement offline in vet clinics

Helping animals around the world

The brand new RSPCA national website went live in June 2013 with a fresh, engaging new design and a Drupal CMS working in the background. RSPCA ACT, SA and TAS websites are now redeveloped as part of the strategy implementation, and provide a coherent, user friendly and functional website that engages the RSPCA’s diverse audience to take action, donate and learn about animal welfare in Australia.